The healing power of laughter.

Our Team

“I love people who make me laugh.”

Audrey Hepburn

At Hebe, laughter and partnership are at the heart of everything we do.

Our ambition is to fuel the lives of a billion adolescents with laughter.

We’re building our team based on the principle of partnership, enabling our business to flex and grow nimbly. We’re looking for 2 paid summer interns; a games developer/designer and a games designer/artist. Come join us!


aimée bryan: founder

Aimée’s designed and launched products for 20 years with retail, advertising and financial services, using partnerships and loyalty techniques. She’s worked as a Strategist, Planning Partner and Marketing Director for brands such as Amex, PayPal, Starwood Hotels, Sainsbury’s, Nectar and Virgin Media. In 2017 she launched her first business; Pause, using physical experiences to rebuild connection and resilience.

Aimée’s developed award winning work for her clients and her own business; awarded runner up at the Techpreneurs Awards for Women 2019 and her prototype ‘KIT’ (a digital talking partner) winning Axa’s 2019 Health Tech & You Awards for their Mental Health in Children challenge.

2019_AXA_HTY_WINNER_LOGO (2).jpg

As a founder, Aimée’s been selected into multiple start up accelerator programmes , presently working in partnership with Deutsche Bank on the We in Social Tech accelerator, designed for female tech entrepreneurs balancing profit with purpose.


madeleine Inkin: children

Madeleine is first and foremost a Harley Street Psychotherapist who’s been treating children for over 20 years. She’s a committed member of the team, having been advising Aimée since Summer 2018, providing insight to guide product and research design, and participating in our school testing.

Aimée and Madeleine share a belief that technology has the power to change the lives of young people for the better, when designed responsibly. Technology gives choice and control to kids at an age when they feel powerless. At Hebe, Madeleine’s helping us develop products that upskill and empower kids, supporting them just when they need it the most.

Madeleine’s other roles involve being a Director at another Edtech business; Tassomai and a mum of 2.


elizabeth tweedale: tech

Elizabeth is a powerhouse! Mum of 3, Elizabeth is the dynamic CEO and founder of Cypher (her second business), the coding company for kids who run fun and entertaining holiday coding camps for 4-14 yr olds. Cypher camps link core computing concepts to real world creative themes, encouraging children to be curious, collaborative and to grow in confidence.

Aimée and Elizabeth share a passion for empowering the next generation with the tools they need to open doors and tackle whatever our fast paced future brings. Elizabeth is Hebe’s retained tech advisor, defining the product specs and required skills, prior to build.

During summer 2019, Hebe™ products will be co-created and validated with 10-12yr olds and their families in partnership with Cypher. Exciting times!

“there’s power in saying it out loud,

Giving kids a chance to privately and safely talk out what’s on their mind makes a huge difference to their everyday life; whether that’s to a human or a guided device.”

Madeleine Inkin, Psychotherapist


shiona mcdougall: strategy

Shiona’s been guiding Aimée’s start up journey since 2016. Her innate ability to see straight to the root of a problem or opportunity is what makes her Global Chief Strategy Officer at a digital marketing agency. Her insight, creativity and vision are helping Aimée build a solid foundation at Hebe.


DR mariza dima: games

Mariza is a Lecturer in Games Design at Brunel University. She holds a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction Design and has worked between academia and the creative industries as an interaction designer and creative technologist in R&D projects. Her mentorship is pushing Aimée’s thinking at Hebe.


tris lumley: impact

Tris leads New Philanthropy Capital’s development of new strategies, partnerships and initiatives to help transform the social sector to focus on and deliver greater impact, working with partners both in the UK and internationally. Tris’ research background is helping to ground Hebe’s impact measurement.

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