The healing power of laughter.

Our Journey

“A day without laughter, is a day wasted.”

Charlie Chaplin

In 2018, our founder Aimée researched and tested a number of voice led concepts in partnership with families, schools and the Science Museum. She laughed and learnt alot! The learnings Aimée took away from her year of research have guided the decisions that we’re making at Hebe.


In particular, during the 2018 Autumn term, she developed and tested the prototype for a digital talking partner with 1,000 children, their teachers and a group of parents.

The kids tested an app developed for phone and tablet, android and iOS, designed to be voice led; meaning it responds to voice command not touch screen interaction.


Matching to their personal avatar; using a personality test, Aimée and Madeleine (our child psychotherapist advisor) saw first hand how comfortable the kids were with voice tech, how enchanted they were with the concept of learning about themselves, having something that’s ‘all theirs’ and heard what they craved/feared in relation to starting Senior School.

Aimée’s prototype ‘KIT’ just won Axa’s Health Tech & You 2019 Award within their Mental Health in Children Challenge and we’re understandably thrilled!


During her research, Aimée also heard from the kids how talking honestly to a machine wasn’t easy. It felt ‘weird’ at first. Fundamentally, she also experienced the technical flaws that still exist in translating voice to text and as a consequence, listened to the concerns raised amongst teachers and parents alike, in terms of our safeguarding procedures and responsibilities.

Here’s a snippet of what testing ‘KIT’ looked and sounded like!

Hebe has been born out of Aimée’s validation of the market opportunity and need. Alongside her team of advisors, Aimée continues to explore and refine our products to meet current market readiness and need.


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