The healing power of laughter.

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if there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s the power of using your voice.”

Michelle Obama

Hi, I’m Aimée and I believe the world needs more children’s laughter in it.

I feel lucky that my life has been fuelled by laughter. I use laughter to break the ice, to endear me to strangers, to create memories with my friends and family.


When times have been tough; exam or work pressures, bullying or the breakdown of personal, professional or parental relationships, laughter has been part of my resilience toolkit.

Being able to laugh at myself and the world around me has helped me become a glass half full optimist, a girl who believes she can do anything, who’s not afraid to ask or put herself out there. It’s given me the confidence to design and launch products on a global stage for the past 20 years, found three businesses (Pause, PKT and Hebe), and to publicly share the journey, warts and all.

Q: What do you call a french man in sandals?

As an au pair, reading mentor, daughter of a Primary school teacher and fairy godmother to 5, I know that for many kids, laughter isn’t easy to come by. And for those kids, I’ve felt compelled to create Hebe because laughter connects people, builds self confidence and is a soothing therapy in the darkest of moments.

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Like most parents, I’m as equally fearful as I am enthralled by technology. Without the right guidance and support, the negative impacts of social media, television and gaming on our children’s health are clear. And yet our ability to learn, connect and communicate has changed forever, with voice technology opening up the means for us to be more human in the way we connect. I’ve built all my businesses on the premise that we need to learn to work better with, not against technology.

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As a Games Maker at London 2012, I was motivated to ‘inspire a generation’. My design vision is simple; Hebe products will be designed with and for kids. We won’t simply repackage adult content or allow adults alone to dictate the rules. Instead, in partnership with kids, parents, charities and technology companies, at Hebe we’ll develop products that work hard for young people, giving them the opportunity to learn new skills, guide their own future and make their voices heard.


Small people matter. I believe laughter can secure a better future for them and positively influence a generation.

Laughter is our secret weapon and I’m on a mission to unleash it’s power far and wide.


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