The healing power of laughter.


Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be.”

Whitney Houston

At Hebe, we’re on a mission to unleash the healing power of laughter into the world, fuelling the lives of a billion adolescents with laughter.

We’re building a voice platform collaboratively with kids, schools and families; Hebe™ will power products that remove our heebie jeebies, nudge healthy communication and tech behaviours, spark connection and fuel our world with laughter.


the power of hebe

When we let our inner child come out to play, life gets more fun. Deep down belly laughs, chuckles and snorts, well they help us stop taking life so seriously. They heal the pain and lighten the load, even just for a short while. It feels good, laugh out loud kinda good.


But today’s social pressures make it harder for kids to simply be kids, and for us adults to make time for play. Today, one in four 14yr old girls are self harming or being diagnosed with a mental health illness. For them, life is far from fun.


That’s where Hebe™ steps in. As the goddess of eternal youth, she’s on a mission to fill the world with children’s laughter. To lead by example.


“Laughter works as a behaviourally contagious phenomenon.”

Professor Sophie Scott, Neuroscientist


the power of laughter

Did you know laughter is as contagious as loneliness? It breeds curiosity, breaks the ice, makes other people smile; it’s a natural therapy!

By encouraging more laughter in the world, at Hebe we believe we can influence a more socially confident and connected society.


Kids who laugh together, build bonds for life. A family who laughs together, stays together. A society who laughs together sets a healthier precedent for the generations to come, breaking the cycle of silence, isolation and mental illness currently growing within society today.


At Hebe, we’re creating experiences and products designed to transform frustration into laughter, teach us how to laugh at ourselves and arm us with the confidence to fully participate in life. To find our own laughter buttons.


Humour and laughter can be effective self-care tools to cope with stress.

Research paper; Humour: An antidote for stress


the power of voice

Laughing out loud is just that; loud. It’s fully vocal. It makes people sit up and notice.

But for those of us not comfortable being noticed, silence is our friend. Our voices go unheard, and we can become a target; both for bullies and for mental illness.


At Hebe, we want to change that. We want to help every child find their own voice, to help build their self confidence and social skills. We want to arm girls with the power of ‘No’ and help young boys get comfortable expressing themselves, out loud. With the power of voice tech in every pocket, we see an opportunity to turn phones back into talking devices and society back into a connected community.


Leading by example, Hebe™ can make asking for help simple, disagreeing okay and standing up for what’s right, natural.


Power to heal

Decades of research show that laughter has the power to heal and connect.


Our first priority are 10-12yr olds transitioning into Senior School.

Senior School marks the start of a child’s journey into adulthood and for many; both kids and parents, it’s scary. A proper ‘good luck making your own way to school, finding a friend in this huge group of strangers, throw yourself in the deep end’ kinda scary.

It also marks the moment where for most, phones hit their pockets. At Hebe, we’re building experiences and products designed to keep kids talking rather than retreating, to arm them with the means to break the ice and speak up. We’re working with kids to build the rules and positive behaviours associated with the tech that, from this moment forwards, becomes omnipresent in their lives. Putting their voice first.


We’re on a mission to arm kids with the chat and the confidence to make starting Senior School less scary; instead shaping an experience fuelled by laughter.


“there is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour.”

Charles Dickens


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